advertising opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Boot Hill Casino & Resort. We are interested in supporting our community through advertising and co-op endeavors. To assist us with the evaluation process, please fill out and submit this application form.

Boot Hill Casino & Resort is restricted for participating in programs that discriminate for any reason, including race, color, creed, religion, age, sex or national origin; programs that primarily involve or market to persons under the age of 21; political or advocacy group.

An application is required and is due 30 days prior to the event or dealine date. All requests must comply with all Kansas State gaming rules & regulations.

The completion of this Application for Advertising creates no commitment or assurance from BHCMC, LLC or Boot Hill Casino & Resort ("BHCR") that BHCR will offer or agree to provide advertising or any other gratuity to the applicant for advertising. All decisions and allocations are at the sole discretion of BHCMC, LLC Management.

Application for Advertising

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