Boot Hill Casino & Resort Dead Man’s Hand Blackjack

Rules of the Game

Dead Man’s Hand Blackjack is an exciting game based on the legendary Aces and Eights “Dead Man’s Hand,” made famous by the death of old west gunfighter James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok.

How to Play

  • Dead Man’s Hand Balckjack is a traditional Balckjack game with an optional bonus wager that pays the player when receiving one or more ACES and /or EIGHTS in reference to the legendary “Dead Man’s poker Hand” (two pair of ACES & EIGHTS).
  • Players must make the bonus wager at the same time as the Blackjack bet; the bonus wager is a one-time water.
  • If the player is dealt no ACES or EIGHTS on their first two cards, the wager is lost.
  •  If the player is dealt one of the following hands, the wager is paid immediately.
  • If the player has a pair of ACES or a pair of EIGHTS (and the dealer has a BLACKJACK) the player will WIN at a higher premium payout rate. Otherwise if the dealer does not have a Blackjack, the player must split their pair of ACES or a pair of EIGHTS to increase their chance of a higher payout. The player’s payout odds will increase with each additional Two-Card soft nineteens received.
  •  Players with a pair of ACES or a pair of EIGHTS may choose not to split their pair and just hit or stand. Will only be paid at Double the odds they would have received if they had exactly one ACE or one EIGHT on their initial first two cards. The same payout applies after a player splits their pair (and the outcome results in no two-card soft-nineteens).

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