Craps is one of the most exciting games in a casino. Though the game seems simple enough – you just roll the dice and place your bets – the strategies and bets can be complex. Winning at craps requires a mix of luck and strategy, including the moves you make and the bets you place. One strategy that aficionados swear by is dice control in craps.

What is Dice Control?

Dice control is a theory that you can learn how to control the toss of the dice to determine the outcome. Dice control involves holding the dice at a certain angle and throwing them with a certain force in order to determine how they land. The idea behind dice control is that you can then play the game just as you would a sport, such as bowling or darts.

How to Precision Shoot in Craps

Learning how to control the dice in craps requires practice, just like any other skill. You wouldn’t expect to walk up to a baseball pitch and hit a homerun the first time (or at least you shouldn’t), so why would you expect to just throw the dice and land them the way you want? You’ll need to learn a few of the basics, and then practice, practice, practice. Many videos are online to show the various methods. You’ll also need to follow these guidelines:

Dice Control Warm-Up

Get your fingers and your hands ready by performing a warm-up before you throw. Squeeze your hands together and release them repeatedly. Flex your wrist back and forth. Push your fingers down and up on a surface, like you’re doing little hand push-ups. Do a variety of exercises and stretches to get the blood flowing and your hands ready for action.

Practice Your Grip

Precision shooting in dice control requires throwing the dice as if they are one unit. You will need to practice picking up the dice and quickly putting them in the configuration you want, then throwing them in one smooth motion so as to keep them together in the air. This requires a lot of practice, and you should devote a regular time to do it each day.

Setting the Dice

Setting the dice means quickly putting them in the configuration that you want them to land. There are more complex systems that consider what numbers are showing on all sides of the dice in order to maximize potential winning combinations. However, you can start by focusing on the numbers showing on the top.

Advantages of Dice Control in Craps

If you get good at it, dice control may help you to win at craps. When you’re dealing with games of chance, anything you can do to gain an influence may help you to come out on top. Practice and develop this skill, and you could find yourself winning big regularly.

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